The Estimation Game

An off-the-shelf event for your group

Host an event for your group members to play The Estimation Game!

  • Players answer two rounds of Fermi estimation questions, like "How many piano tuners are in New York?"
  • Form teams and see how your scores compare to other teams and players around the world
  • Build community, train your epistemics, and get comfortable putting numbers on things
  • Designed to be super easy for you to organise an event

All you need to do is bring some people together and point them to The Estimation Game's website.

Frequently asked questions


Check the upcoming events. Games run in the last 7 days of each month. You can host an event any time while this month's game is live, or play a previous month's game from the archives.

How long?

Around 40 mins. If you want a longer event, you could do some pastcasting questions together afterwards, or just hang out.

What does The Estimation Game look like?
How easy is it to organise this event?

Super easy! To save you time, you can use this sample event title, description, and header image that you can tailor for your group. All you need to do is get some people together in a room and start playing.

Who should I invite?

Anyone! Questions don't rely on specialist knowledge - it's designed for everyone.

Who can host events?

You can! Assemble your group, your group chat or your coworkers.

What do I need to run the event?

Each team will need a phone or laptop to play. We'd recommend teams of 2-3, or at most 5 people. Players might want to use pen and paper to make notes, or they can use a notetaking app or Guesstimate.

In detail, how does the event work?

Form your group into teams of 2-5 people. One person from each team opens The Estimation Game on their phone or laptop and signs in with their Google account. Teams can go at their own pace through ~10 questions in two rounds. They'll win points for good estimates, and see how their score compares to other teams in your group and around the world on the leaderboard. The team with the highest score wins! See it in action with the demo game.

Can I play solo?

Absolutely! Be sure to mention it in your team name so your leaderboard position is even more impressive!

Can my team play remotely?

Yes - just have one player use the website and screenshare the questions.

Can I run a game outside the dates listed?

You can either wait until the next month's challenge drops, or play any past month's game from the archives.

How do I show a QR code for players to join?

Go to the leaderboard and click "Show QR code"

I'm playing with a team, how should we aggregate our estimates?

Use whatever method you prefer! @jewillem and their group use this spreadsheet to take the geometric mean of their estimates for each question.

I'm hosting a large event, conference or retreat, can I run a bespoke Estimation Game?

We're interested! Get in touch at

How can I submit feedback about the site?

You can email us at or message us on our Discord.

Who made this?

The Estimation Game is built by Sage. Special thanks to Hanna Pálya for the excellent questions.