Anki with Uncertainty

Turn any flashcard deck into a calibration training tool

An Anki card that lets you input a range

Instead of the exact answer, enter your 90% confidence interval - an interval that you're 90% confident the answer lies within.

The back of the card shows your score

Earn more points for a narrower correct interval, lose more points for a narrower incorrect interval.

Based on your score, we recommend you press Hard, Good or Easy.

Higher scores = longer before you need to review the card again!

See your Anki calibration scores

Track your calibration: press Tools → Show calibration scores. Perfect calibration = your X% confidence interval is correct X% of the time.

How to use

1. Open Anki, go to Tools → Addons → Get addons, and paste this code: 694813595

2. Download and open the example deck to add the Interval card type

3. Add some Interval cards:

How to add an Anki interval card

You can rate this plugin on AnkiWeb.

The source code is on GitHub.

We'd love your feedback at or on Discord.

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